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Customizing pistol makarov

Refinement or some improvement pistol makarov (pm) сan be concluded in several things:

- installation of anatomical, rubber foregrip

Customizing pistol makarov

- installation of foregrip with integrated top rail weaver (for the collimator)

- installation of foregrip with laser sight

Customizing pistol makarov

- change a rear sight on more catchy

- installation of a more capacious magazine

- addition of a casing equipped with a weaver strap on the front, for installation tactical flashlight with laser sight.

The most topical is the last point, as the outer casing will not only expand the functionality of the pistol, but also give it an updated, more modern look. Additional casing – prefabricated from 2 parts of the tightened screws, the material for it can serve as aluminum with polyurethane or plastic inserts. If the new case is installed, the pistol will also remain compact, as the aggregate volume increases slightly.

Customizing pistol makarov

If you approach the issue of modernization – with minimal cost – it will be suitable for the first item – replacement foregrip on polyurethane. Initially the pistol is made compact, replacement foregrip we save the size of the original and get more stable weapon retention, and probably increase the accuracy of shooting.

Customizing pistol makarov

Version of the Makarov pistol with rail weaver, to install dot collimator sight

Customizing pistol makarov

Example with installed sight and tactical flashlight

Customizing pistol makarov

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