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Svd customizing

An optimal improvement of the rifle svd (in the civilian variant in the civilian variant of the carbine tigr).

Main substitution parts, that enhance the functionality of the carbine:

- replacement the standard forearm on the plastic with the lower weaver for installation of bipods

- replacement of forearm on aluminum chassis (base) made in the style key-mod, providing a wide range of installations a slats weaver in the necessary places.

 Svd customizing

Replacement the plastic buttstock svd produced through installation a telescopic kit with a metal insert in the frame and a pistol grip sniper or conventional types.

 Svd customizing

The installation kit will allow the adjustment the length of the buttstock, as well as heights damper and cheekpiece. A similar system is used on the most modern sniper rifles.

 Svd customizing

For installation the optics can be used the variant of adjustable bracket, in which the sight can be adjusted not only vertically, but also horizontally.

 Svd customizing

If consider a more economical option improvements svd, then it can include several details:

- installation the damper buttstock for mitigate the consequences of the shot

- mounting the lower weaver on the front of the carbine with the installation bipod.

- addition the recoil buffer in the frame of the carabiner.

- installation of polyurethane a rangerfloor plate on magazine for to increase the speed of reloading weapons.

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