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Mosin customizing

One of the simple ways to improvement (personalization) the rifle Mosin is the installation on a sta..

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Mosin customizing

One of the simple ways to improvement (personalization) the rifle Mosin is the installation on a staffing wooden gunstock a pistol grip. The installation process can be divided into 2 stages: 

- Drilling a orifice on the gunstock under the thread-cutting screw 

- installation of polymer handle on the gunstock 

Fixation the handle is happens at two points, the first screw, the second - front part of the handle abuts in the brace of the release trigger.

 Mosin customizing

Complement the complete set can be the installation on a staffing wooden gunstock of rubber or polyurethane damper absorber. Is fixed directly to the wooden corps using screw-bolt.

 Mosin customizing

To make the gun a more modern look need to install a kit of an aluminum slats weaver, on which subsequently to establish a collimator sight.

 Mosin customizing

Raise the stabilization of the Mosin rifle the during shooting can at the cost of to the installation of contemporary dtk (muzzle brake). Installation this detail will also help to reduce the recoil force.

 Mosin customizing

The deepest way (customizing) to refine the Mosin rifle - the replacement of a wooden gunstock on plastic or aluminum. Gunstock in this category can be both classical, and with regulated buttstock, which are equipped movable cheekpieces, dampers and compensators of return.

Mosin customizing

Mosin customizing

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