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Saiga parts, AK, Vepr

Russian “Saiga”. Reliable and effective.  First “Saiga” models were created in USSR gun fact..

Saiga parts, AK, Vepr

Russian “Saiga”. Reliable and effective. 

First “Saiga” models were created in USSR gun factory Izmash at 1970-s. They were initially used for regulation of Kazakh Saiga antelope population, who eliminated acres of agricultural lands during migration. But mass production of  “Saiga” rifles in 7.62x39 and 5.56x45 calibers was started only at 1990-s. Up to now “Saiga” rifles and shotguns are highly demanded and popular among hunters and shooters. At the field you can use these guns for birds and medium game. Today there are available in a wide range of calibers – from 5.45 mm to 12 gauge.

In Russia, Europe and USA “Saiga” family proved itself as highly reliable and reasonable priced guns. It was achieved because all models are based on the iconic tried-and-true AK design. Gas-operating action uses combustion gases discharged via hole on side of barrel. Rifles has gas piston rigidly connected with bolt carrier. Shotguns have modified gas block and shortened piston travel. Increased gaps in action moving parts allow proper operation even in most rough conditions. These models perfectly fit for swampland and desert. 

Saiga parts

Saiga parts. Wide range of upgrade and tuning

In Russian Federation and USA guns tuning is very popular. Saiga parts allow you to increase efficiency and upgrade any rifle or shotgun component you wish. Wide range of parts and accessories provide possibility of almost any modification according your needs.

Forearms, rails and brackets allow to gear-up you gun with flashlight, red-dot, handle or even all together.

Selection of collapsible buttstocks will help you to make your gun more yours. Wood or plastic stocks will not only change appearance of your “Saiga” but also enhance ergonomics and accuracy stability.  

Hammers, action springs, gas pistons and blocks will provide you more power, reliability and efficiency of shooting.

Ribs, laser pointers and scopes will make your hits more accurate at medium and long range.

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