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Vpo molot customizing

“Molot” plant is one of the leading Russian hunting weapon manufacturers. The most popular product o..


Saiga parts, AK, Vepr

Russian “Saiga”. Reliable and effective.  First “Saiga” models were created in USSR gun fact..

Vpo molot customizing

“Molot” plant is one of the leading Russian hunting weapon manufacturers. The most popular product of this plant is "Vepr" line of carbines. They designated with VPO letters followed by version (and modification) digital number and model name. 

VPO-102 (Hunter).

 Vpo molot customizing

The version of "Hunter" model. The major difference is a bead location. In the previous model is located on the base integrated with the gas block. For this model, it was moved forward to the barrel (muzzle end).

Open iron sights: bead, adjustable in two planes and backside leaf with 100 and 300 m marks.

Scope bracket mounts on the base at the left side of the receiver cover. Iron sights can be used without scope removal.

Comfortable walnut stock with cheekpiece and rubber damper (butt pad).

This is the semiautomatic weapon with button safety. With spring-loaded hammer it excludes the possibility of the inertial impression.

Telescopic buttstock for Vepr Molot 205

Standard forearm replaced with smooth on

Installation of telescopic buttstock for VPO-123

Tactical forearm for Vepr SOK


Russian analog of Mauser M98. The major advantage is sliding breachbolt when make this carbine lighter, reliable and, most important, more accurate than semiautos. One more advantage of this model is bolthead recess, opened at the bottom and long spring extractor. Extractor hook can work with any shell rim. And shell will be 100% extracted after the fire.

The barrel is very reliable and accurate with cold (rotational) hammered and chrome plated bore. 


Self-loading semiauto, with orthopedic buttstock (pistol grip and cut for thumb). Very reliable in any temperature range. 

Breechblock carrier piston, gas block, chamber and bore are chrome plated for corrosion resistance and long service life.

To reduce muzzle flash this carbine is equipped with the fixed flash cover.

Vpo molot customizing 

For this carbine usually changed wooden buttstock and forearm. Telescopic buttstock installation requires metal frame adapter, pistol grip, and buttstock with the tube. The wooden forearm can be changed on the metal version with several Weaver rails for bipod or grip.  

 Vpo molot customizing


VPO- 126 (1В)

Semi-auto carbine. Receiver cover with the special lock, blocking fire when buttstock collapsed. 

Can fire with iron sights and with the scope on the special bracket. Bracket mounts of the base at the receiver cover.  

Long service life is ensured by the chrome plated chamber and bore.

For semi-auto fire used live gases in gas block and closing spring.

Breech locks by two recoil lugs by rotation of the breech frame (sliding breechbolt) around its axis. 

 Vpo molot customizing

 VPO-127 (1V - Bars)

New model especially for the drive hunting. Scope base on the receiver cover. Chamber, bore, breechblock carrier piston with rod and gas block are chrome plated. Carbine mechanism allows single fire and safety activation. 

Have fixed flash cover at the muzzle end; bead, integrated with gas block, lever safety.

 Vpo molot customizing

Version 127 supplied with the full kit allowing easy installation of red dot, additional front grips. Typically this model has receiver cover with Weaver rail and forearm with three integrated Weaver rails. The main modification will be the replacement of the buttstock with telescopic one using steel adapter. Forearm and gas block cover also can be replaced.

VPO-205 (Vepr-12 Molot)

This model is based on RPK (Kalashnikov machinegun) and can be used for versatile purposes (hunting, sporting, self-defense).

Major difference -removable flash cover and fire lock when buttstock collapsed.

Firing mechanism with trigger allows single fire and safety activation.

 Vpo molot customizing

The standard forearm of VPO -205 can be replaced with the rough plastic-ceramic model. Adding of ceramic will improve thermal resistance and durability. External coating  - hard polymer with the special additive for surface roughness to improve handling.

Vpo molot customizing


VPO- 208

 Vpo molot customizing

VPO-208 customizing

This model is SKS (Simonov carbine) refitted in the civilian smoothbore carbine with the rifled portion for .366 cartridge. Tuning parts for this model includes forearm with Weaver rails, side base for the scope bracket, receiver cover. Performances will be improved with muzzle brake and recoil buffer in the breech frame. 

 Vpo molot customizing


 Vpo molot customizing

Almost any AKM part of VPO-209 can be tuned, additionally can be installed receiver cover with Weaver rails, muzzle brake, recoil buffer and buttpad. 

Available VPO-208 customizing kit includes:

1.Telescopic buttstock with buffer

2. Reciever mounted scope base

3. Recoil buffer in the breechframe

4. Breech lever

5. Tactical forearm with rail

6. Muzzle brake

7. Pistol grip

8. Forearm sling mount

9. Buttstock sling mount

10. Tactical sling

11. Tactical selector lever

VPO-133, VPO-136, VPO-134 tuning (customizing)

VPO carbines are modified 7.62x39 AK, AKM, and RPK. There are few major parts were modified: forearm, buttstock, grips. Hunting purposes mean optical and red dot scopes use. For these scopes, the carbine can be equipped with side bracket (dovetail). Then scope can be reliably mounted on the frame. This bracket allows using any modern scope. Also, AKM-based carbines can be equipped with railed gas blocks (for red dot scopes).

 Vpo molot customizing

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