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Saiga parts, AK, Vepr

Russian “Saiga”. Reliable and effective.  First “Saiga” models were created in USSR gun fact..

AK accessories

First Kalashnikov assault rifles are dated back to 1947, Soviet army accepted this model as service weapon at 1949 and soon export supplies began. Innumerous number of AK’s spread around the world and now this model you can found in almost any country. AK readily used not only as service weapon but also by competition shooters and hunters. Its brilliant design provides reliable operation under all operating conditions.

     But progress is moving and to keep this model up-to-date designed AK accessories, to make this legendary weapon easy to handle and accurate to shoot. “Saiga-club” company working in field of AK accessories design for a long time. Current catalog have 19 categories especially for AK and Saiga. We can tell you a lot about each of them, but, in our opinion, there are few major ones:

- Stocks and adapters (this chapter covers all info about installation, compatibility with any stock or adapter and with all Russian made models)

- Forends with Weaver rails (wide range of tactical forends with Weaver rails for additional gear mounting)

- Muzzle brakes  (different models of muzzle brakes which improve shooting accuracy and reduce recoil)

Step-by-step, installing these new parts, you will get modern-looking weapon ready to prove its effectiveness

AK, Saiga handguard                          Buttstock for AK, Saiga            AK pistol grip                                       
AK muzzle brake                                 Tactical grip             Bipods

Tactical flashlights                              Weaver rails                               Optical sights and red-dots
 Front sight                                          Magazines             Recoil buffers  

Boresighting                                       Tactical belts                               Sight Adjuster

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