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Saiga parts, AK, Vepr

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Akm customizing

Ak (Kalashnikov) customizing became extremally popular when Soviet army weapon surpluses were opened and AKs and AKMs were refitted to civilian carbines, mainly it ended 60s AKMs. Thank Russian plants this famous model became available for civilians as VPO-133, VPO-136, VPO-134 (RPK machinegun). Internal parts were also modified to meet requirements for the civil weapon – was eliminated the capability of full auto fire, modified magazine mouth (on single quantities), installed magazine limiter to 10 rounds capacity. These modifications turn the legendary weapon into 7.62x39 mm hunting carbine. Now reliability and fail-free operation of AKM can be demonstrated not only at battlefield but also at the shooting range and hunt. 

The original look of AKM (VPO-133), hunting version with 5 rounds magazines.

Akm customizing


Modern ak and akm customizing

But time changes weapon performance and requirements, with available tuning parts for AKM and Saiga now we can slightly change carbine look, reduce recoil, mount more comfortable pistol grip, install scope with Weaver-Picatinny rail or dovetail side bracket, use fire transition forward grips and mount slotted or IPSC-styled muzzle brake.

      So, ak tuning (customizing) can be split to several steps: first, think about change standard forearm with gas tube cover to rigid aluminum model with 4 Weaver-Picatinny rails.

Akm customizing


 With this forearm, you can mount additional front or fire transition grip. Such tuning will provide the operator with more convenient and reliable carbine handling.

 Akm customizing

Then ak customizing will touch the pistol grip, at our site you can choose from several options.

Pistol grips

Next step will be Weaver rail on receiver cover (for red dot scope) and the telescopic buttstock.

To change buttstock we will need the adapter for AK and buttstock you liked.

Buttstock adapter and other AK accessories

 Akm customizing

Akm buttstock

Akm customizing 

Muzzle brake will significantly improve weapon accuracy and overall performance 

IPSC-style muzzle brake

 Akm customizing

Tests with “Barnaul” FMJ 7.62x39 cartridge showed significant improvements:

- 2 times better accuracy

- 50% reduced recoil

- eliminated muzzle jump

- compensating bolts are not required

- from 90 shoots: 80 – tens, other – eights and nines. Distance – 50 meters


- high muzzle blast

Muzzle brake – afterburner Noch (Night)

- This muzzle brake is way longer than previous versions, made as IPSC brakes

- Better reduces recoil

- Possible to fire with cover and without it

- With cover completely eliminate muzzle blast, scopes are not flared

 Akm customizing

Modified gas tube with top Weaver rail provides reliable mount for red dot scope at the front part of carbine

 Akm customizing

Tactical selector switch with additional tab

 Akm customizing

Sniper grip for better accuracy


Akm customizing


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