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Customizing Saiga

“Saiga” hunting carbine and self-operated gun of the same name are most popular hunting weapons in Russia. The reason for such high popularity are the standalone reliability of this weapon, based on legendary Kalashnikov. But despite brilliant technical capabilities and extreme comfort, "Saiga" very often customized and tuned. It's typically done to improve or change certain parameters or install some accessories to make hunting more effective.

Types of weapon tuning 

There are several ways to improve some “Saiga” parameters. One of the most popular is to replace the stock. This stock can be solid, collapsible or with adjustable length. A weapon with collapsible stock became more compact and handy for carrying and do not stop the operator from using this weapon. Telescopic stock allows operator to adjust the length for more precise shooting at different conditions. Beside these Saiga customizing includes replacement of various parts as the muzzle brake, pistol grip with recoil damper, scopes, sights etc.

Picatinny rails

Saiga tuning can be performed with use of Picatinny rails. With these rails, you can easily mount and remove many parts and accessories, as scopes, flashlights, laser pointers etc. For example, with these rails, you can prepare the weapon for tactical shooting competition by mounting additional grip, tactical flashlight, scope. Also, you can use the 3-point sling and special weapon secure accessories.

Simple carbine tuning example

 Customizing Saiga

This kit includes:

1. Sight adjustment tool (for fast zeroing)

2. Telescopic collapsible bipod

3. Polyurethane pistol grip

4. Red-dot scope

5. Steel adapter

6. Fore-end with Weaver rails

7. Gas tube cover with Weaver rails

8. Telescopic stock

9. Transition grip

10. Fast acting magazine release button

11. Bolt handle

12. Muzzle brake

This Saiga customizing kit is specially selected for maximal hunting efficiency, do not make carbine too heavy and allow to mount additional accessories

Saiga after customizing:

 Customizing Saiga

For most optimal result you should limit used gear and follow with few simple bits of advice:

- install only what required (for each carbine type list will be different, but for any model can be replaced fore end, stock, and grips)

- control carbine weight during customization

- secure threaded parts (use Loctite)

You can review available parts more detailed in our catalog

Customizing Saiga



Saiga 12 customization example

Customizing Saiga


These standard parts were replaced by tactical ones:

1. Telescopic stock installed

2. Pistol grip replaced by  ergonomic

3. Fast acting magazine release button installed

4. Tactical fore end with Picatinny rails installed

5. Fire transition grip mounted at the front

6. Tactical muzzle brake used

7. Carbine was painted


Budget 20 gauge Saiga customization:

 Customizing Saiga


- Stock replaced by more comfortable

- Fore-end with standard grip from assault version

- Weaver rail at receiver cover acting as scope mount

- Tactical muzzle brake used

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