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Saiga parts, AK, Vepr

Russian “Saiga”. Reliable and effective.  First “Saiga” models were created in USSR gun fact..

Saiga accessories

Saiga carbine is most popular hunting and sporting weapon in the world. This is reliable semiautomatic carbine based on famous Kalashnikov assault rifle. During carbine design as the basis was taken AKM (Kalashnikov modified). Saiga carbines exist in almost any caliber, from heavy 12 gauge to sporting 9 mm. In Russia most typical is 12 gauge Saiga, almost any hunter have one. Since the end of 1980th Izhevsk Arms company produces almost 100 million Saiga carbines which successfully sell in Russia and around the world. 12 gauge is still actual and used by new shooters. Among carbines with rifled barrel most popular is Saiga 7,62x39 – powerful, reliable and affordable cartridge. Sporting and hunting with this caliber is easy and comfortable. Many shooters are trying to improve effectiveness of their weapon. Saiga accessories – special technical chapter in our catalog, where you can found all possible parts for upgrade. Most typical upgrades are: changing stock, more comfortable forend and grip. Also for each caliber you can choose optimal accessories which will improve shooting accuracy and make handling easier.

Parts list Saiga

Mounts, rings, brackets, Weaver rails

Tactical handguard

Tactical grips

Tactical flashlights

Buttstocks saiga

Boresighting lasers


Tactical sling 

Saiga, Vepr, AK magazines

Pouches, ammunition


Ergonomic pistol grips

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