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SKS accessories

Tactical accessories for SKS

DIY tuning of semiautomatic carbine is not easy and require from hunter deep knowledge if his weapon and high quality accessories. SKS accessories will not only improve weapon efficiency but also shooting performance. Beside this, proper upgrade with adherence to instructions will effect on next:

•  - carbine handling;

•  - weapon weight;

•  - improved accuracy;

•  - reduced aiming time;

•  - reduced recoil;

•  - enhanced reliability and durability of semiautomatic carbine.

Among wide range of SKS accessories most important and effective are next: tactical forend, foresight indicator, bracket, buttplate buffer for SKS, recoil buffer, receiver cover, scope mount, muzzle brake, different fixtures, case deflector, scope sight, Weaver rail cover, tactical grip. All these parts will improve weapon specifications, efficiency and handling.

SKS accessories
                              SKS accessories – enhanced weapon effectiveness

For maximal upgrade effectiveness of semiautomatic carbine many specialists recommend these accessories for SKS: special brackets allowing installing red-dot or optic scopes. Also they recommend Picatinny/Weaver rails on forend to mount many useful and effective gears. It could be flashlights, belts, laser pointers, cartridge holders, grips for comfort handling and others. Upgraded Simonov carbine for all intends and purposes will leave behind the original one.

Beside separate parts SKS accessories are proposed as kits which could include many different gears from folding stock to sniper scopes. But price of kits as well as separate parts is affordable and really not rocket high. It’s largely due to the fact that most accessories for SKS are mode from rigid polymer what make parts cheaper.

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