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Saiga parts, AK, Vepr

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Vepr molot customizing

Vepr SOK carbines

“Vepr” line of carbines are designed for big and ordinary game hunting (amateur and professional).

These models took most parts and components from the predecessor, RPK (heavy barrel, sized receiver, rear sight with lateral correction etc.). Forearm, buttstock and firing mechanism were modified. 

Plastic forearm with Weaver rails for Vepr SOK

Buttstock – orthopedic with rubber butt pad. The forearm is without top cover and much longer than original. The height of buttstock comb is optimal for any scope, optical or iron. 

Firing mechanism without autofire option, the shape of trigger and sear is changed.

Installation of telescopic buttstock with grip 

This line is designed (depending of model) for listed cartridges:

1. 7.62x39;

2. .308 Win (7.62x51 NATO);

3. 7.62x54R;

4. .223 Rem (5.56x45 NATO);

5. 7.62x63.

The mechanism is same as in akm.

Chambers and bores are chrome plated. To avoid inertial impression (for Western cartridges) hammer is spring loaded.

Versions and modifications

1. SOK-94 “Vepr”. First version. 7.62x39 cartridge. Iron sights with bead and rear-sight leaf. Also can be used frame sight and RPK/AK sight. Side (left) scope bracket. Iron sights can be used with the scope mounted.  

 Vepr molot customizing

Well-proven for big and ordinary game hunting at distances 100-150meters. Average group size at 100 m – (6-7 cm). Disadvantage – tipping with lead tip cartridges.


2. SOK-95. Aka – “Vepr-308”. Can take Russian 7.62x51 and .308 Win cartridges. Added gas-trap assembly. Breech block reinforced. Supplied with different barrel length, 420 to 700 mm. Fixed or collapsible stock. Fixed flash cover. Spring loaded bolt hammer. 

 Vepr molot customizing

Features low recoil, brilliant accuracy and great stopping power even at the maximal distance. Capable to fire fast without accuracy affected.

One of the most popular Vepr tuning – replacement of standard wooden stock and forearm. Stock replacement requires metal adapter with plastic or polyurethane grip. This adapter can take Mil-spec and Commercial tubes with 1-3\16-16UN. Additionally can be installed foldable adapter – and then the stock can collapse to the left or right. More deep (customizing)  tuning of SOK Vepr includes AK buffer for the bolt carrier, flashlight, grip, and bipod mounted on the new forearm with Weaver rails.

 Vepr molot customizing

3. SOK-95m, length - 550. Aka – “Vepr-308 Super”. Rakes .308 Win and Russian 7.62.51M cartridges. The key difference from the previous model is full stock. This stock masks RPK-specific external parts. Lever safety was changed on the two-side button, located above the trigger. Sights were also changed. 

 Vepr molot customizing

4. SOK-95MS. Aka – “Vepr-308 Super Sport”. Now this model is discontinued. 

 Vepr molot customizing

5. SOK-97. Takes .223 Rem (5.56x45) cartridges. 

 Vepr molot customizing

6. SOK-97R, length - 550. Another name is “Vepr-Pioneer”. Takes .223 Rem (5.56x45) cartridges. 

Quite good for big and ordinary game hunting (wolfs etc.).Well-proved operation in wide temperature range (-50 degC/+50 degC). With long stock (Monte-Carlo type). Fire range is 100 – 300 meters. Scope bracket is mounted on dovetail base.

7. SOK-98. For 5.45x39 cartridge. Mainly for training and sporting.  

 Vepr molot customizing

Group size for 100 m distance is 50 mm.

Buttstock for Vepr with sniper grip

 Vepr molot customizing

Telescopic buttstock for Vepr with polyurethane grip

 Vepr molot customizing

Buttstock for Vepr with cheek piece and plastic grip

 Vepr molot customizing

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